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Charlotte Obst Barbaresi, BFA ’51 (Fashion Design)


Sam Fox and I graduated in 1951!!! That year I was awarded the John T. Milliken Travel Scholarship, and Sam continued to excel in business and contribute to WashU. I feel it is important to realize that your education, along with your endeavors, were made possible primarily because of Sam Fox... He made 'things' happen! I am so sorry that you will not experience the usual graduation ceremony. It is certainly a major disappointment! However, you will be extremely proud to be a graduate of WashU.


Charlotte Obst Barbaresi
Greenwich, Connecticut

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Robert Dannenbrink, FAICP, AIA, BA ’59 (Architecture)

Irvine, California

Principal, Dannenbrink Design & Planning; Independent Consultant

Be patient, you have plenty of time to do a few significant works in your careers!! I would never have imagined that I would have had all the career work opportunities!!

Alan Goldberg, BA ’54 (Architecture)

Alan Goldberg, BA ’54 (Architecture)

New Canaan, Connecticut

Architecture is a profession that can be practiced well into your 80s and beyond. We were taught to believe that tomorrow would be better than today. So think of the coronavirus as a terrifying epic storm that, although seemingly bleak and hopeless, can build character, making you a stronger, more caring, and thoughtful person. That was my experience when my architectural career was interrupted after graduation, and I was drafted into the army to serve two years in the Korean War.

The architecture curriculum is fraught with creative and physical challenges. If you made it to graduation, you probably have what it takes to be an architect. It's a long journey, but one you will never regret taking.

Alan Eliot Goldberg BA '54

Cedric and Carol Hustace, BFA ’55 (Fashion Design), MAT ’72 (Education)

Cedric and Carol Hustace, BFA ’55 (Fashion Design), MAT ’72 (Education)

Evansville, Indiana

Here is my impression of the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) in Old Jerusalem. "Via Dolorosa" (Acrylic 12" x 16")(1998). Today, Via Dolorosa is a bustling thoroughfare. But the solemn aspects of the sorrowful way are still present with preserved stations of Christ's torturous path to his crucifixion and resurrection, purportedly where the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is now located. Carol and I were in Jerusalem in 1998, along with our photographer son Curtis and his wife, Deborah. Good company; magnificent experience.

Best regards and best of good luck to the class of 2020! Stay well!

Cedric Hustace, Honorary Member of Class of 1955
Carol (Jameton) Hustace, Member of Class of 1955 - BFA '55 (Fashion Design), MAT '72 (Education)

Gay Riseborough, BFA ’58 (Illustration)

Gay Riseborough, BFA ’58 (Illustration)

Evanston, Illinois

I graduated from FA way back in '58. My daughter, Amy Riseborough, is also a WU alum, FA '88. Here are the two of us at the opening of my one-person show 20 years ago. It took a long time, a lifetime, for me to produce a mature, powerful body of work—a lot of introspection, a lot of looking at other artwork, a lot of life experience.

Seize this opportunity of quiet to make work, to experiment, to risk failure, to discover something new—maybe even about yourself. You may come out on the other side of this a stronger artist.